My life in 12 photos, Three

Food, delicious food.

Yes, I'm Italian and yes, this may seem stereotypical, but I love food. I consider it to be one of the greatest pleasures of life. I love buying ingredients and preparing it. At a restaurant, I love the anticipation that sets in after you've ordered your food, and then the thrill of seeing the server approach the table with your dish.

The first bite. The rush of flavour that floods your tastebuds.

Food is health and well-being, but also pleasure and comfort. It feeds my body, but it feeds my mental well-being as well. Especially when shared with friends.

Artistic direction and photography: Despina P.


Alston Adams said...

It's a shame that food cannot be that way for everyone.

Verification word: tuast. Try to come up with something for that.

ad said...

Metal container used to heat milk?

"I'm going to warm up some chocolate milk in the tuast!"