The sneakiest, more devastating emotion? Missing. And here's why.

1) It always arrives at unexpected moments
Sometimes you don't even have to hear a familiar song, or come across a favourite photo to trigger it. Missing hits you at the most random moments - and usually when your guard is down. Have you ever been happy and/or occupied with enjoying the sunshine or chopping onions, and been completely floored by the waves of missing that wash over you? It's like your brain doesn't want you to be tranquil and the sabotage lobe (located near the left ear) quickly flips through its database and then flips a switch. Yes, your brain is working against you. That's what meditation is for.

2) It's physical.
Like a bat across your back. Like a hot poker in your belly. Like spikes in your legs. Like a weight on your lungs. Like a fist on your wind pipe.

3) It leaves you helpless.
Sometimes you contact the person missed. Sometimes you can't because they're gone from this life or it hurts too much. But whenever missing hits, there is always that helplessness. What should I do? Should I? Will it seem weak? And sometimes you do nothing at all.

Mercifully, sometimes it also leaves just as suddenly - and as quickly - as it comes.

Console yourself with some Lavender Diamond.


Anne C. said...

I guess the good thing is that, as a writer, you get to call this research.

ad said...

I wouldn't trade a moment of it. Even the bad stuff belongs to me so it's precious.

Tha Connoisseur said...

I totally understand your missing vibe on so many levels hun. From my dad to my...well...whatever he is now– I over stand that sentiment. You basically hit it on the head.